Welcome to CANARIE Routing Registry (Francais)

The CANARIE Routing Registry (CRR) is a repository of CANARIE Network routing information. The data contained within is populated and used by the CANARIE NOC and GigaPoP Operators to configure, engineer and troubleshoot routing.

GigaPoP Operators maintain up-to-date information in the CRR by either directly registering them there or, as an alternative, in their own routing registry that is then mirrored by the CRR.

The CRR is based on the RIPE whois server. It uses the Routing Policy Specification Language next generation (RPSLng) to store object-oriented data that contain pieces of policy and administrative information. RPSL allows router configurations to be generated directly from information in the routing registry.

This web tool is designed to simplify and ease routing registry interaction and provides for authentication and authorization of registration data. Data from the CRR can be also obtained by querying whois.canarie.ca using the RIPE whois client. Questions regarding the CRR are best directed to the CANARIE NOC.

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